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man this game must be hard to cheat because there are 3 1 million guys lol

loved the music and art style awesome there should be more games like these

This game is cool i like it the only thing is missing is the highscore next to the medals
could you put that there pls so the game gets more players.

PixelWhiskersGames responds:

Thanks for the advice and 4 star review! Currently working out the kinks of the new version, should be posted soon, hope you enjoy.

final fantasy winning theme lol

JackAstral responds:

aha yeah :b thanks for playing!

how do i get the sweet kisses medal help

waffrus responds:

For the "Sweet Kisses" medal, you have to focus on the "crazy about kissing" dialogue options, but only after you go for at least two of the good dialogue options (so that you don't scare off the love interest with a kissing craze as a first impression).

the game is to slow

Finished the game nice one.
I only have 1 complain i wish it was 100 points not 10 in the medal that was the sad part.

i only liked it for the easy medals thats all.

romdtb responds:

most of people that down rated! they comed for easy medals! but they seem to be ashooles! and not atleast to rate those medals but il take them down! and put other 1ce cause they dont deserve easy medals!

I need more fans

how the fuck do i win the 1st medal?

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